Cuddly Heart Cushion with filling 10 styles



This Cuddly Heart Cushion is a soft and comfortable home decor cushion that can be used as a kids' toy, office chair, or home decoration. The Heart shape makes it perfect for use in the home, while the soft and comfortable hand feel makes it a great choice for people of all ages. The uplifting colors make it an attractive addition to any room. And the smooth fabric makes it skin-friendly to give you a warm hug. The available colors include yellow, red, pink, white, blue and comes with two different styles each colours which gives you multiple choices to decorate your space.

  • Available in 10 styles
  • Great gift option
  • Very soft blush hand feel

Material : Polyester

Colour:Yellow , Red , Pink, White, Blue

Size: Height 40 cm , Cushion Length 50 cm,Length with hands 130cm

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