Precious Forest Animal Handmade Vases Ornaments



Bring the outdoors indoors with these precious forest animal vases. Choose between the raccoon, deer, fox or the owl. Buy one or all to bring a touch of the enchanted forest into your home. Joyful touches in your library or study can definitely bring you smile. These make playful gifts for that curious person in your life and the vase style is great for flowers, pens or pencils or candy. These beautiful forest animal vases are made of resin so they are durable and certain to bring joy for years to come.

Material: Resin

Size:  fox height 21.5cm, width 14cm, length 13.5cm

           raccoon height 21.5cm, width 14cm, length 13.5cm

           deer height 26.8 cm, width 7.5 cm, length 25 cm

           owl height 21.5cm, width 13.5 cm, length 13.5cm

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