Gustav Klimt Artworks Painting Bone China Mug Set with Gift Packaging



A perfect gift for any art lover who enjoys a hot cup of tasty tea or strong coffee. This Gustav Klimt Artworks Painting mug set includes a wooden cover and golden spoon ,comes with gift packaging including a gift box and matching gift bag. The mug set is very classic and will provide your art lover with the perfect present, added bonus is that this mug set is very safe and hygienic. world-renowned painting "The Kiss" by a famous painter Gustav Klimt included.

 Whether you're looking for a simply elegant gift or want to take home a beautiful painting from your favourite artist, this mug set is a must-have for any art lover. 

  • Comes in 4 style
  • They are very classic gifts
  • Made of finest bone china which contains above 36% bone component
  • Comes in a gift box and matching gift bag.
  • Dishwasher Proof & Microwave Safe

Material:bone china contains above 36% bone component 

Size: 570ml   

          width 10cm , hight 15.5cm , bottom width 6cm

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