Horse & Zebra Soft Plush Toys Decoration



Our Horse and Zebra Soft Plush Toys are a unique plush simulation that will add style and beauty to your home. Our soft, lovely zebra & horse is perfect for kids of all ages even for adults! It is a great Christmas gift for kids. In our Early education section, it includes a realistic shape, big and bright eyes, and cute! not easily deformed. Keep them entertained at daycare or preschool all day long! It can be used as a Cushion Pillow or Realistic shape for their room,. They will love how soft and lovely it feels to sleep with.

  • Great decoration for your child's bedroom
  • Made of kids friendly material
  • Three-dimensional effect

Material : PP cotton

Option:Zebra,White Horse,Black Horse

Size: Zebra Height 30 cm

          White Horse Height 40 cm

          Black Horse Height 40 cm

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