Unique Colorfu Oil Painting Animal Ornament



Very unique, oil painting style, wood ornaments are exactly what your office or study needs. These make a great gift for that professional in your life that quite frankly, has everything! But they don’t have this…yet. Each one is uniquely crafted, carved and painted to evoke emotion as viewed by the individual. Choose your inner wolf, horse, lion or eagle and proudly display this colorful ornament on your desk, book shelf or side table. Each of these animals possesses their own wonderful traits and portray strength and power, beauty and grace. Which one are you?


Size: lion hight 28 cm   length: 13 cm    width:16 cm

          horse hight 27.5 cm   length: 12.5 cm    width:21 cm

          eagle hight 26.5 cm   length: 15 cm    width:17 cm

          wolf hight 27.5 cm   length: 17 cm    width:17 cm


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