Cute Transportation Soft Toy Cushion 17 Styles



Keep your little monster busy playing with this Cute TransPortation Soft Toy for toddlers. Just unfold the bag into a fun city playmat and let their imaginations run wild! It will be your baby's new favorite toy! This fantastic funny toy is made of Polyester, That is  Adorable,skin-friendly, and perfect for fans of things that go! Super Portable and Innovative Design Make a great gift for toddlers! This is the best toy for 1 2 or 3-year-olds who love cars. It is high quality and safe - it won't break the bank. Soft Bright Fun Easy to Use Pull Back Cars. 

  • Super Portable and Innovative Design
  • Made of high-quality polyester fibers
  • Ideal for any gift-giving occasion,
  • Soft light and kid’s friendly

Material : Polyester

Size:  Sailing Boat  Length 43 cm, Hight 35 cm  

           Motorbike  Length 40 cmHight 20 cm  

           Taxi  Length 40 cm, Hight 20 cm  

            Excavator  Length 45 cm, Hight 35 cm 

           Tractor  Length 40 cm, Hight 32 cm  

           Train Operator  Length 43 cm, Hight 35 cm  

           Black Police Car  Length 43 cm, Hight 30 cm  

           Spaceship  Length 43 cm, Hight 40 cm  

           Ambulance Length 43 cm, Hight 30 cm  

           White Police Car  Length 43 cm, Hight 30 cm  

           High Speed Train  Length 45 cm, Hight 15 cm 

           Helicopter  Length 43 cm, Hight 30 cm  

           Rocket   Length 42 cm, Hight 30 cm  

           Plane  Length 40 cm, Hight 27 cm 

           Concrete Mixer  Length 41 cm, Hight 25 cm  

           Yacht  Length 45 cm, Hight 35 cm 

            Fire engine  Length 41 cm, Hight 36 cm 

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